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NOTE: This game is currently being re-created in Unity!

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Phantasy Quest is a throwback to old-school RPG’s like Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior/Quest, and Chrono Trigger with new engine mechanics; an engaging, elaborate, player-driven storyline; and classic elements interleaved together blending new and old concepts together that fans of RPGs have craved for years.


Tobias wakes up and has amnesia about his past. And through talking to the villages and exploring the island and adventuring does truly discover his purpose. When Toby wakes up he is in his bed and is greeted by what appears to be his friend. 

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(Alpha 1.0396 B5)

Version: Alpha 1.0396 B5

Updated 2/10/2015

Build Version: 5

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Virus Hornet showing incorrect sprite.
  • Fixed True Pierce Description
  • Fixed overlap of Bandana of the Hero by renaming to Hero's Bandana
  • Fixed the revive animation to be centered over the character
  • Fixed Lightning Strike Skill Overlap by renaming to L. Strike
  • Fixed Overlap in Save Menu when saves were over 10
  • Fixed Descriptions for a few skills that were wrong
  • Set Nikolai’s First Encounter to be capped at level 1
  • Adjusted Mimics Spawn Rates
  • Prevented  players from getting stuck in the Library during the Library quest
  • Fixed some overlapping issues
  • Added Visual and Text Queues for the Asmodeus’s Puzzle room
  •   Added new Object Glow animation to indicate hidden items and direction
  • Added New Script Event Memory
  • Adjust Secret Library Treasure room + Decorated
  • Removed MP cost attacking with Staffs/Rods/Wands
  •   Changed Weapons to Reflect the new 0 MP cost Skills
  •  Changed Complete Book to initiate the flash for the secret location
  • Removed Extra Armor Racks in middle in the Armor Shop
  • Fixed block so it does not crash on block anymore.
  • Hid the skill types appearing until skills are learned of that type.
  • Added the party to appear behind the character after going into the portal.
  • Fixed several game breaking bugs.
  • Added ability to equip items in battle
  • Made all items speed highest priority.
  • Changed names to ??? instead of girl or Mysterious
  • Slow text speed to match voices
  • Limited drops to a max of 2 items per enemy.
  • Changed Dosul's Armor to restore HP rather than Counter Attacking.
  • Made all items speed highest priority.
  • Lowered spawn rates for chests.
  • Lowered Enemy Level ranges and balanced encounters more.
  • Removed some unnecessary script code.
  • Several Typo fixes and Minor Bug fixes
  • Fix Book library, so that after the cutscene if you leave the library and go back in so you can teleport
  • fixed teleporting book to work properly after being teleported to astofs basement
  • fixed Dialogue: i'm holding the portal open (no name tag)
  • fixed Dialogue: ugh... it's so dark (wrong name tag)
  • renamed Falcion to Falchion (Weapon)
  • fixed Difficulty script to refresh the window so that new difficulties unlocked are displayed.
  • Fixed New Game+ Bugs
  • fixed dosul's quest does not work on new game+
  • fixed wands blocked all shield equips
  • fixed make strike skills show both costs tp and mp
  • fixed tuning fork from being able to equip shields with it.
  • Fixed Event in Library secret room, to put the book in the bookcase moved up 1 tile.
  • added 5 new Ales Myrefale, Myrebuzz, Myrefolly, Darkmyre, Myre Mind Bomb
  • added quest log system
  • added difficulty selection to game menu
  • added debug menu to game menu
  • changed starting battle controls text
  • Changed Mimics to scale with the player
  • scaled Inn costs based on level(1-4 = 10, 5-9 = 50, 10-19 = 100, ,20-49 = 300 ,50-99 = 500, 100 = Free)
  • Changed Dosul's armor to not carry over on new game+
  • changed Myrefall ale name to Myrog and changed effect to restore 10% HP and MP
  • Improved Party Average formula
  • changed new characters to join in as the average party level
  • temporarily removed Controller Support (We are improving it!)
  • Shadow drain was giving hp regen to target.
  • Revive evade effect outside of battle.
  • Fixed missing status icon in status menu.
  • Added a door to Asmodeus Dungeon II so that you can access the stairs.
  • Fixed blue chests from giving nothing.
  • Several Dialog, Item, Skill Typos.
  • Fixed Stats for Knights Lance, Several Robes
  • Added Controller Support
  • Added Smelling Salts to Item Shop.
  • Added 2 Side quests for: Arya and  Kerrick
  • Added Melanthe Spell casting sound effect.
  • Added Percentages for skill effects in descriptions.
  • Added Chests to Asmodeus's Chamber
  • Added new scripts: OC AUDIO ENCRYPTION, Chest Drop Randomiser
  • Added quest reminder for Kerrick
  • Changed Ethers to Percentage based restoral.
  • Changed Healing to Percentage based healing.
  • Increased EXP and Gold for all enemies.
  • Changed Teleportation scene to move characters in basement.
  • Changed weapons after final boss battle.
  • Changed Ship/Boat battleback
  • Changed defense for all armor, Melee armor gives more Physical Def, less Magic Defense, Mage armor More Magic Defense Less Physical Defense.
  • Changed some Weapons to have appropriate stats
  • Changed Twister, Blizzard, Firefall to be affect all enemies instead of just one.
  • Changed name of the Church to just Church after changes in the story.
  • Increased the Chance of getting Weapon/Armor chests.
  • lowered MP for squire and white mage
  • Guthans strike now absorbs a percentage instead of all damage done.
  • lowered light and holy spell status effect percentages.
  • Made Strike skills use TP and MP.
  • Lowered MP cost for Blizzard, Firefall, Lightning bolt, Lightning Storm
  • Added MP costs to skills used by rods/staffs and learned skills from weapons
  • Changed Font size for descriptions for Weapons, Armor, Items
  • Removed sword Icon from bottom right of status screen.
  • Removed "required level" from description of weapons and armor
  • Removed Scripts: Scrolling Descriptions.
  • Allowed Staffs/rods to give 5tp per attack.
  • Added Better chest spawning with Items/Weapons/Armors based on Random Chance
  • Added more chests spawns to compensate 1 time spawn
  • New Scripts: Added Proximity Detection Script by V.M of D.T, Added Jump To Event Page Script by Estriole
  • White Mage / Black Mage have more HP to balance combat.
  • Changed Revival Salts to Evade 100% Physical/Magical for one turn to prevent revive K.O
  • One time Spawn Chests in town/dungeons
  • Fixed some Typos for Dialogue and events.
  • (TEMPORARY) Removed Roaming monsters will re-add once stable
  • Added on-map enemies that roam around.
  • Added Random Enemy and chest spawning in Library Dungeon I, II, III.
  • New Maps: Library Dungeon I, II, III.
  • New Scripts: Script that disables gaining TP from getting hit, script that allows for our randomizing event locator
  • New Voices: Added Malanthe and Asmodeus Voice files added the missing files for Nikolai, Marius
  • Changed teleport book to allow to teleport between the Library Dungeon and Myrefall.
  • Changed teleport book to be able to be used on any character even when other characters are K.O
  • Changed the teleport book to give the teleporting book and then teleport.
  • turned off background music for cutscenes
  • Amplified Nikolais Voice.
  • Removed Ogre Slayer from being acquired after speaking to Mony

Changed Content

  • Enhanced Asmodeus’s Puzzle with New Blinking Animations and changes
  • Enhanced Library Puzzle with New Blinking Animations and changes


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